Vision | Mission | Core Value Statement


Vision Statement:  1441 Incorporated’s (Inc.) vision statement is to create an academic, vocational academy that will offer educational and vocational opportunities. These opportunities and outcomes will become the model for rebuilding and changing lifestyles for returning citizens, adjudicated youth, the homeless and our community at large.

Mission Statement:  1441 Incorporated (Inc.) is committed to building structure in the lives of returning citizens, adjudicated youth, the homeless, and our community through programs and services. These services are formulated to help change internal/external decision making that will lead to a productive lifestyle in the 21st century and beyond.

Core Value Statement:  1441 Incorporated’s (Inc.) value statement is to be committed to carry out the highest level of integrity regarding our services and programs as they relate to our quality standards. Standards which encourage participants to enjoy intellectual exploration, develop independent and responsible behaviors, break the cycle of negative decision making that ultimately leads to recidivism, homelessness and negative effects on the community.