Men 2 Youth Mentoring Program (M2YMP)

Men 2 Youth Mentoring Program (M2YMP) is a two component program that is offered to both adult men and youth. This program is designed to clearly address core issues through direct communication. It facilitates the sharing of issues that contributed to a person becoming a product of their environment that then led to negative behavior with negative outcomes.  It serves adjudicated youth with alternatives to incarceration as well as in school mentoring. The adult men component will meet twice a week; the youth component three times a week. Helpline (866) WeR-1441.

Freedom “NOW” Magazine

Freedom “NOW” Magazine (FNM) is a publication that offers strategies, resources and testimonials to encourage individuals to become a productive member of the community—“NOW.” It is designed to help a person returning home from a period of incarceration. It fosters the transition to embracing “Positive Change” with the rapport already established through Freedom “Now” Magazine. This is why it’s so important that Freedom “Now” Magazine becomes available in the prisons, jails, and correctional facilities, “NOW.” As part of the preparation for release it will have a direct impact on the lives of loved ones now. The goal is to change the way a person thinks “NOW” both internally and externally, so it focuses on the “whole person.” Freedom “Now” Magazine is a tool that is distributed to local jails, correctional facilities, churches, the local community and community-minded organizations. The sole goal is to help transition the mindset of those being released from a Negative to a Positive way of thinking “NOW” with concentration on the whole person (Physically, Mentally, Spiritually).

Ethel L. Langston Community Feeding Program (ELLCFP)
Moma Langston (1).jpg

Ethel L. Langston Community Feeding Program (ELLCFP) is in memory of Ms. Ethel L. Langston, my mother-in-law, who, at 88 years of age, was much more than a volunteer with the organization from 1999-2019. She never missed a day of serving food to the community or giving clothes, a monetary donation or anything else she could to anyone in need. This is a food and clothing program that operates in three phases: (1) Feeds hot meals in the community (2) Distributes pastries, cakes and bread to people, churches and those in need (5 days a week; Monday-Friday), (3) Distributes food to churches, organizations, seniors and the community at large (Tuesday Only).


“What will it hurt to help someone?” Mrs. Ethel L. Langston