Helpline: (866)-WeR-1441

In January of 1999, Andre’ Gore, Executive Director and Founder had a vision to address the core needs of the community and provide much-needed support services to an at-risk youth population. His vision manifested while working as a special advocate on behalf of abused and neglected children in the Washington DC school system.  Armed with a lifetime of personal experiences, having lived a troubled childhood, and overcoming several years of obstacles and challenges to achieve his always-evolving success,  Mr. Gore decided to make that vision a reality with the birth of N-PUT, Inc.


In 2017, Mr. Gore and his Board of Directors decided to change the name to 1441, Incorporated, hereinafter, 1441 Inc., because it was more fitting to the experiences that impacted his life from 14 to 41. 1441 Inc. is comprised of committed individuals that include returning citizens, homeless adults, youth and the community at large.  These are motivated people the community of Prince George’s County, Maryland can trust.  The credibility of the people involved, ensures that 1441 Inc. is structurally designed to cater to the needs of our targeted populations and give them the best chance to excel in the 21st century and beyond.