1441 Incorporated (Inc.), hereinafter 1441 Inc. is an organization that simply seeks to inspire, motivate and give hope through effective programs and services that are properly structured and successfully carried out. 1441 Inc.'s goal is to address the challenges that directly impact recidivism, homelessness, adjudicated youth and the communities affected by those factors.


1441 Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit community based organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  The organization was created on the foundation of four important trends within the Washington, DC community: (1) the needs of an increasingly troubled recidivist and homeless population, (2) the lack of educational and vocational services for the returning (newly released) and homeless population who often underachieve, increasing the odds of failure and the repeat of destructive behavior, (3) the lack of effective alternatives for adjudicated youth, and (4) the lack of awareness and education that would benefit everyone in the community.


It’s important for people to become aware of and then call the helpline (866-WeR-1441) to connect with specific program(s) that best suit their needs.  


1441…not just a set of arbitrary numbers…not just a catchphrase. We provide realistic strategies to help you achieve the skills needed to make positive options as a way of life. Unconventional methods—yes!